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The ballet theatre is unique. Different periods of the history of the dancing art live together in harmony on its stage. The staging, the librettos and the scores never reach a forgotten old age.

Of all the theater arts, this timeless harmony is possible only in ballet.

The task of Benois De La Danse is to honour the extraordinary events in the colorful world of dance, merging classical ballet with contemporary and modern productions.

Yury Grigorovich
President of the International Dance Union,
Chairman of the Jury of BENOIS DE LA DANSE,
Choreographer of Bolshoi theatre of Russia,


5.09.2017 Natalia Osipova, has signed the contract with the Perm Ballet
3.09.2017 Uliana Lopatkina isgoing totake adesigner's carrier
23.08.2017 An unusual performance Meet Oda Nobunaga
19.08.2017 The Mikhailovsky Ballet goes ontour toBeijing
5.08.2017 Xander Parish has reached the highest echelon ofthe ballet company
14.07.2017 Nicolas LeRiche has been appointed director ofthe Royal Swedish Ballet
3.07.2017 Boris Eifman and Donald Trump
22.06.2017 Exhibition ofphotography from TASS archives has opened inNew York
16.06.2017 Ulyana Lopatkina announced that she isretiring from her dancing career
30.05.2017 On May 30 inMoscow onthe historical stage ofRussia Bolshoi Theatre the laureates ofthe Benois delaDanse Prize were announced

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