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The ballet theatre is unique. Different periods of the history of the dancing art live together in harmony on its stage. The staging, the librettos and the scores never reach a forgotten old age.

Of all the theater arts, this timeless harmony is possible only in ballet.

The task of Benois De La Danse is to honour the extraordinary events in the colorful world of dance, merging classical ballet with contemporary and modern productions.

Yury Grigorovich
President of the International Dance Union,
Chairman of the Jury of BENOIS DE LA DANSE,
Choreographer of Bolshoi theatre of Russia,

15.02.2015 Jury Benois de la Danse – 2015:
29.01.2015 San Francisco Ballet has celebrated Thirty Years Jubilee of its Artistic Director Helgi Tomasson
7.11.2014 A new Creation by Hans Van Manen
6.11.2014 Undying Anna Karenina
5.11.2014 Sylvie Guillem will be retired from the stage
3.11.2014 Brigitte Lefevre is becoming the Artistic Director of the International Danse Festival in Cannes
10.09.2014 Mariko Kida has become the first recipient of the new Prize
26.08.2014 Christopher Wheeldon is now doing musicals
29.07.2014 Anjel Corella is taking position of the Artistic Director of the Pennsylvania Ballet

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