Le Riche

Jury member of Benois de la Danse

Benois de la Danse laureate

Benois de la Danse nominee

In 1982 he enters the Paris Opera Ballet school. In 1988 at the age of 16 he joins the company as a member of the Corps de Ballet and starts the gradual rising to the top of ballet career. In 1989 he becomes “Coryphee”, in 1990-soloistandin 1991 a Premier and receives le prix du Cercle Carpeaux. His reperture is enlarging. In 1993 he is awarded by the Accosiation of the Paris Opera Friends the Prix du public. He performs in Le Jeune homme et la Mori and Les Forains (Roland Petit), Giselle (Mats Ek's version). In 1993 after the performance of the role of Albert in Giselle (classical version)- he is nominated Danseur “Etoile”.

In 1993-2004 his repertoire is vast and includes the ballets by Vladimir Bourmeister and Rudolf Noureev, Vaziav and Bronislava Nijinski, Antony Tudor and Kenneth MacMillan, Jerom Robbins and John Neumeier, William Forsythe and Roland Petit, Serge Lifar and Piere Lacotte, Mikhail Fokin and Yury Grigorovich, Frederick Ashton, Mats Ek and George Balanchine. He was the first to perform at Paris Opera such balets as Camera Obscura (Roland Petit — 1995), Voila, e'est ca (Victor Ullale), Allegro bhliante (Balanchine), The Four Seasons (Robbins), IXe Symphonie (Bejart), Ancient Airs and Dances (Richard Tanner), Sylvia (Neumeier- 1997), Casanova (Preljocaj — 1998). Pas/parts (Forsythe —1999), Doux mensonges (Kylian — 1999), Ciavigo (Petit- 1999), Appartement (Mats Ek - 2000), Joyaux (Balanchine), The Cage (Robbins), Wuthering Heights (Kader Belarbi — 2002), О Zlozony/О Composite (Trisha Brown-2004).

He performed as Spartacus at the Bolshoi Theatre's Spartacus.

In 1995 he was awarded Benois de la Danse Prix for the role of Fabricio in Guepard by Roland Petit (Marcele National Bailet). In 2004 he won Nijinski Award (Monte-Carlo).

Nicolas Le Riche is Chevalier des Arts et Lettres. He staged the ballets RVB 21(2001) at the National Centre of Choreography, and Caligula (2005) at The Paris Opera.