Jury member of Benois de la Danse

Yuri Grigorovich- chief choreographer and artistic director of the Bolshoi ballet, a brilliant master of choreography, awise and inspired patriarch of the Bolshoi — is the pride of the Russian ballet.
Serge Lifar

True poetry lives in his choreographic images… The dance is triumphant here. Everything is expressed, conveyed in the richest language of his, which is metaphoric, original…

Dmitri Shostakovich

Perhaps more than anybody else I welcome the success of “Spartakus”, the success of Yuri Grigorovich, an artist, persist-ently carrying out the reform — he had so much to endure and to suffer, struggling for it.

Kassian Goleizovsky

“Ivan the Terrible” is a true masterpiece of choreography, which the Bolshoi should be proud of. All the plastic side of the ballet is a visible music itself. The performance has integrity and homogeneity in style, as well as the bright national colouring.
Kszisztof Penderecki

… magic fluids, emanating from P. Chaikovsky's score, gave me one of the rare pleasures in life — our joint work with Yuri Grigorovich on the “Nutcracker”. The music loved choreography, the choreography adored music… And the spirit of E. T. A. Hof-fmann was flying above!

Gennady Rozhdestvensky

From Robert Jeffrey's viewpoint his unique productions for the stars have promoted the growthofthe latter. RJoflrey considers choreographers a rare phenomenon… And a great choreographer like Grigoroich is a treasure, which must be taken care of. YURY GRIGOROVICH — — The fate of the Russian ballet in the second half of the XX century is very closely tied with the name of Yuri Grigorovich. Yuri Grigorovich comes of a St. Petersburg ballet family. He graduated from St. Petersburg Ballet Academy. He danced on the stage of the Kirov Theatre for 18 years. The ballet master's talent was revealed early in life. His first production at Kirov Theatre was “The Stone Flower” (S. Prokofiev, 1957). Another masterpiece — “Legend of Love” (A. Melikov, 1961) — demonstrated the great talent of the choreographer. Since 1964 Yuri Grigorovich has been the choreographer-in-chief of the Bolshoi Theatre. The Bolshoi Theatre, with Grigorovich as its head, made international tours more than 90 times. He established the leadership of the Russian classical ballet everywhere in the world. In Moscow Yuri Grigorovich created ballets which won the world-wide reputation for the Bolshoi Theatre. Among them are “The Nutcracker”, music by Tchaikovsky (1966), “Spartacus”, music by Khachaturian (1968), “Ivan the Terrible”, music by Prokofiev (1975), “Angara”, music by Eshpay (1976), “Romeo and Juliet”, music by Prokofiev (1979), “The Golden Age”, music by Shostakovich (1982). He also choreographed new versions of such masterpieces of the past as “The Sleeping Beauty” (1963, 1973) and “Swan Lake” (1969, 2001), music by Tchaikovsky, “Raymonda”, music by A. Glazunov (1984), “La Bayadere” (1991) and “Don Quixote” (1994), music by Minkus, “Giselle” (1987) and “Le Corsaire” (1994), by A. Adam. Yuri Grigorovich staged his ballets in the Theatres of Stockholm, Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, Milano, Helsinki, Ankara, Prague, Sofia, Genoa, Warsaw, Istanbul, and Seoul. He is the author of the important ballet projects at Rome Coliseum, London Albert-Hall, ancient Greek theatres, on San-Marco Square in Venice, and on the Luzhniki stadium's arena (at the Olympic Games in 1980). For a long time Yuri Grigorovich has been heading juries of many international ballet competitions in Russia, Finland, the USA, Switzerland, Japan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Austria. He also heads the jury for the “BENOIS DE LA DANSE”. In 1995 Yuri Grigorovich left the Bolshoi Theatre. He began working with different Russian and foreign companies.