Benois de la Danse nominee

Zhang Hyunfeng was bornin Fujian province, graduated from Beijing Dancing Academy, and then began to teach in the Academy as an assistant instructor. Soon after, Mr. Zhang was promoted to vice president of the dance school and then director of the choreography department in 2015. He had already been invited to be a visiting professor at the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art where he worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. The works he choreographed at that time won numerous gold awards in the National Dance Competition. In 2009, he and a colleague founded the Xianwuren Dance Studio. In 2010 he went to Purchase College New York State University to study dance as a visiting scholar. From 2000 to 2014 he danced in productions of Qiuhaitang (2000);Fengyin (2001);Hongselianren (2001);Yanzhikou (2002);Qihun (2003);Zhumeng (2003);Wenjunheshigun (2003);Tuiqiao (2003);Zaibiekangqiao (2004);Tuiqiao (2005);Sizhuyinhua (2006);Hongdou (2009);Goujian (2009);Zaishuiyifang (2011);Nichangmeng (2012);Hualuozhiduoshao (2012);Мeiniang (2012), Hongselianqing (2013);Bing and Zuopinyihao(2013). His major choreographies include Huahuan (2006);Yuanyue (2007);Chunqiuxing (2012);Dance in Utopia (2010);Fat Tang Thin Song (2013);Ziyesishige (2014);Chunzhiji (2014);The Last Emperor of the Southern Dynasty (2015).