Benois de la Danse nominee

Wim Vandekeybus, director, choreographer, actor and photographer, was born in 1965.

In the mid 1980, after working for two years with Jan Fabre, a writer and artist, he created an experimental troupe, ULTIMA VEZ. 

In 1978 his first performance “What Body Does Not Remember”, done with Octavio Iturbe, was staged. This work acquired international acceptance. In 1988 Vandekeybus received the Bessy Award in New York.

In 1989 together with composer Terry de Mey he created “Les porteuses des mauvaises nouvelles“ and „ The Weight of a Hand”, the first on-stage interaction of dancers and musicians. In September 1990 Vandekeybus received a second Bessy Award for “Les porteuses des mauvaises nouvelles”.

In 1990-1993 his new works: “Roseland“, “Immer das Selbe Gelogen“, “La Mentira”, „Her Body Doesn't Fit Her Soul” as well as the films based on his performances and directed by himself appeared. These works were received with interest at film festivals in different countries. „Elba and Federico” got the special prize of the jury at the International Film Festival in Brussels.

In 1993 ULTIMA VEZ became troupe-in-residence at the Royal Flemish Theatre. New productions there were: “Mountains Made of Barking“, „Alle decken sich zu”, «7 for Secret never to be told», “In Spite of Wishing and Wanting“, “Inasmuch as Life Is Borrowed┘“

Wim Vandekeybus stages his works in Belgium, Israel, Italy.

Vandekeybus performed as an actor and dancer in a solo piece „Body, Body on the Wall” written and directed by Jan Fabre.

The world premiere of „Scratching the Inner Fields”, Wim Vandekeybus newest composition, was staged at the Theatre de la Ville in Paris on February 27, 2001.The company had been completely reshaped by the dancers invited from different counries. Original music by Eavesdropper and the text by Peter Verheist served as basics for this performance.