Benois de la Danse nominee

Michael Revie comes from Ireland.

Before he started to dance, he trained as an excellent gymnast. He then was trained at the Royal Ballet School in London for seven years. His first engagement was with the Royal Ballet, his second with the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Then he worked as second soloist with Heinz Spoerii in Dusseldorf. Since 1996 Revie has been a member of the Zurich Ballet, initially as second soloist, from 1997 as Principal Dancer. There he has danced the following roles: Bluebird in Sleeping Beauty, Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Peasant Pas de six in Giselle, Mozart in ┘eine lichte, helle, schone Ferne,.. (Heinz Spoerii) and main parts in Tschaikovsky Pas de deux, Serenade, Stravinsky Violin Concerto, Agon (George Balan-chine), Push Comes to Shove (Twyla Tharp), Solitaire (Sir Kenneth MacMillan), In the Middle, somewhat Elevated (William Forsythe), Solo (Hans van Manen), and Check Mate (Dame Ninette de Valois).