Benois de la Danse nominee

Cecilia Figaredo began her training at Escuela Nacional de Danzas Nro. 2 and joined the Institute Superior of Art in Teatro Colón in 1987. She furthered her training with Lidia Segni and Wilhelm Burmann. Ms. Figaredo is the recipient of many awards and honors, including the Bronze Medal at the Trujillo International Dance Competition in Peru, the Atrevidas Award, granted to outstanding women in their profession, and Mention of Honor in the First World Choreography and Ballet Competition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Ms. Figaredo has worked with many renowned choreographers from Argentina, such as Oscar Araiz, Ricky Pashkus, Mauricio Wainrot, Alejandro Cervera, Marcela Críquet, Julio López and Ana María Stekelman. She has also worked with international choreographers including Kevin O´Day, Mauro Bigonzetti, Attila Eherhazi and Kenneth Topping and Peggy Lyman for the staging of Acts of Light and Diversion of Angels, by Martha Graham. Her repertoire includes: Llamas de Paris, Le Corsaire, Tchaikovsky pas de deux, Diana and Acteon, Donizetti Variations, La Vivandiere, Don Quixote, La Esmeralda, Carmen and Chaconne, among others.

In 2000, she danced with Julio Bocca at The Actors▒ Fund of America▒s gala, benef ting The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation. Ms. Figaredo is also a principal dancer and soloist in many internationally acclaimed tours. These include “Bocca Tango” (Teatro Maipo 2001) with Julio Bocca, as well as The Man in the Red Tie and Adios Hermano Cruel by Ana María Stekelman.

As a principal dancer for Ballet Argentino, Ms. Figaredo has toured China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Egypt, among others.

To celebrate Ballet Argentino▒s 15th Anniversary, Ms. Figaredo — together with Hernán Piquín - performed Tangó in Centro Cultural Borges. She was also featured in A Tango y Jazz with Ballet Argentino, Antigua Jazz Band and Octango in Centro Cultural Borges, Teatro Maipo and Teatro Opera in Buenos Aires (choreographed by Ana María Stekelman and Margarita Fernández).