Benois de la Danse nominee

Jan Fabre was born in Antwerpen in 1958.

Since his very first works, he has drawn interest of specialists and the public by using unusual scenic effects on the stage. He has been a playwright, director, artist and dancer. His individuality was recognized in the beginning of the 1980s when he staged the trilogy including part two, “It is Theatre as It Is to Be Expected and Foreseen” in Antwerp in 1980 and part three, “The Power of Theatrical Madness” in Venice in 1984. After the trilogy, Fabre, suffering from doubt and trying to find new ideas for staging turned to drama and opera.

In 1987, he started to work on an opera trilogy “The Minds of Helena Troubleyn“ and he staged his first operatic work, „Das Glas im Kopf wird vom Glas”, in Kassel. In the work he tried to realize his perceptions of the ideal aesthetics of synthetic art, gesamtkunstwerk.

His productions have appeared in Brussels, Rome. Louvent, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Hannover as well as at the Avignon Festival. Fabre's name became linked to the avant guard and he influenced many young contemporaries who have created their own trends and dance companies. These include Vim Vandekeybus, Emio Greco, Mark Vanrukst and Maria Vortman as well as others.

In the 1990s Fabre's productions included “The Sound of One Hand Clapping“ by the Frankfurt Ballet, “Sweet Temptations“ at Festival Week in Vienna, “Universal Copyrights” in Brussels, „Glowing Icons” in Antwerp, „My Movements Are Alone Like Streetdogs” in 2000. In each of these theatergoers see the multilateral findings if this original and complex theatre artist.