Benois de la Danse laureate

The Chinese dancer Wang Di was born in 1978. in March 1991 he was sent to the Revolutionary Army of China Art college to study art. Upon the graduation in 1995 he dances at the Dance company of Guangzhou Military Region as the leading dancer. In 1998 he returns to the college to study at the departement of choreography and in 2001 he gets the Advanced diploma of performance and director major. Now he is the Principal dancer of Dance Company of Guangzhou Military Region.

Wang Di is the winner of lots of National and International Prizes, among them are: National Tao Li Cup Dance Competition (1994, 1996), Golden Award in Guangdong match Traditional Dance part (1996), National Dance Competition (1998, 2001), First Award in New Dance Products Competition of China Army (2001), Director Award of National Wenhua Award (2002), Golden Award in Modern Dance Group in the V Japan International Ballet and Modern Dance Competition (2005). Silver Award in Modern Dance Group in the II Korea International Ballet and Modern Dance Competition (2005). In 2005 he also receives Golden Awards in Director, Performance and Product in the V Lotus Cup Dance Competition. He dances the main male roles in ballet Soul of Men and other dancing performances organized by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

He has been the choreographer and the leading dancer in the performances at the Asian Ministers Conference in Hong Kong in 2004, Asian Art Festival in Korea (2005) to perform in the Color of Dance White dancing performance and others. He has staged such ballets as: Another year, South jungle, Ocean waves, The sword refers, The last lesson, Sad, Su Wu, One song, Sorrow, My silent love, I am with you. Night. Footsteps. Rifle, Jungle with dense boundary, Blowing wind, Tempting heart, That day, Game.

Wang Di has successfully danced in: Japan, Korea, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Monaco, Luxembourg, Romania, Malta, Andorra, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Macao.