Benois de la Danse laureate

Jurgen Rose was born in 1937.

After graduation from school he started working as assistant to Gustav Rudolf Zelner at the Laudestheatre of Darmstadt. In 1959-60 he signed his first contract as a designer and actor of State Theatre in Ulm.

In 1961 Jurgen Rose created set and costumes for “How Do You Like It?“ by Shakespeare at the Stuttgart Theatre. During this period he met John Cranco and the choreograph asked him to make a set for “Romeo and Juliet“. From that on Jurgen Rose made several other works in collaboration with Cranco. He created the sets for “Swan Lake“, “Firebird“, “Onegin“, „Initials R. B. M. E.”, „Poem of Extase”, „Footprints” as well as for „Merry Widow”. Their last work was „Taming of the Shrew”. After Cranco's death the artist started to work in Munich and Hamburg.

From 1972 Mr. Rose has been working with John Neumeier. They are created together: “Daphnes and Chloe“, “Nutcracker“, “Swan Lake“, “Sleeping Beauty“, “Romeo and Juliet“, “Lady with Camellias“, “Firebird“, “Per Gynt“, “Story of Cinderella“.

Aside from ballet theatre Jurgen Rose works for the main drama theatres in Hamburg, at the Schiller Theatre in Berlin, at the Residenztheatre and Kammerspiele in Munich. He worked together with such directors as Litzan, Rudolf Noelte, Peter Stein, Thomas Landhoff, Dieter Dorn and many others, creating performances of Shakespearian “A Midsummer Nights Dream“, “As You Like It“ („Twelfth Night”), „Troilus and Cressida” and „King Lear” as well as „Clavigo” by Goethe, „Tasso” and „Faust I”, „Danton's Death” and „Wozzeck” by Buchner, „Platonov” and „Cherry Orchard” by Chekhov, „The Dance of Death” by Strinberg.

Rose created a lot of sets for the operas in Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Milan, New York, London, Salzburg and Bayreth. There he has worked with such directors as Schenk, Friedrich, Everding, Noelte, Rennert, Giancarlo del Monaco, and Dorn. Mr. Rose has created the sets for the operas by Mozart, Wagner, Strauss, Verdi, and Berg.