Benois de la Danse laureate

Jean-Guillaume Bart was born in 1972. His dance education began at the Conservatory and was continued at the School of Paris Opera. Soon after his graduation he did his first solo roles and participated in the Moscow Ballet Galas.

In 1991 Mr. Bart was promoted to soloist. In 1995 he won the Prix Cercle Carpeaux and in 1996 the Prix A. R. O. P. (Association pour le Rayonnement de l'Оpera de Рaris). That he was promoted to premiere dancer.

His repertoire includes pieces by Petipa, Ivanov, Robbins, Neumeier, McMillan, Nureev, Forsythe. At the same time, Mr. Bart began getting involved with choreography.

Since 1997 he has created a number of productions for the Bastille Amphitheater as well as different ballet festivals in France, Italy and Japan. He also participated in all of them. In Januarу 2000Jean-Guillaume Bart was awarded the title “Etoile”