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Gregor Seyffert have been member of the Tanztheater at the Komische Oper Berlin for 13 years. As star dancer and First soloist he interpreted the collected leading roles of great classical and contemporary dance. Gregor Seyffert earned numerous international prizes and awards with his absolute technical perfection and his unique characterisation of roles — as such as the Grand Prix De Lausanne d'OR (Gold medal) in 1986, as Best partner to the Jackson Ballet Competition (USA) 1994, as Best partner to the Varna Ballet Competition 1994(Bulgaria), the Prix BENOIS DE LA DANSE UNESCO in 1997 and the German Critic's Prise for Dance in 2002. In 1999, Gregor Seyffert have been endowed with the honorary title of Berliner Kammertanzer. In 1996, Gregor Seyffert and his father Dietmar Seyffert have founded Gregor Seyffert & Compagnie in Berlin, occasioned by an invitation from the Olympic Committee to represent the Federal Republic of Germany's official cultural contribution at the Olimpic Summer Games in Atlanta (USA). The works presented were On the Puppet Theatre and Clown Of God. Since that time, Television performances and world-wide tours have taken Gregor Seyffert & Compagnie through all Europe as well as Asia, North and Central America.

In 2002 Gregor Seyffert received an appointment as the new Artistic Director of the State Ballet School Berlin. In recognition of his exceptional artistically lifework Gregor Seyffert have been awarded in March 2003 with the German Dance Award 2003. Since season 2004/05, Gregor Seyffert have been appointed as the new Artistic Director of Gregor Seyffert Compagnuie Dessau at the Anhaltische Theater. Since then, Gregor Seyffert & Compagnie have been celebrated great international success. The ensemble of dancers, acrobats, actors, puppeteers, musician's and singers represent the diversity of genres which is the artistic principle of the company. The company and their brilliant craftsmanship offer a visual Gesamtkunstwerk — a total work of art, a festival of the senses. Repertoire: Theatre of Marionettes & Clown of god by Heinrich von Kleist | Homage to Waslaw Nijinsky, solo performance Landscape with shadows co-production with Lanonima Imperial, Barcelona Seven Deadly Sins & The New Orpheus Kurt Wei 11 music theatre The Paradise and the Peri Oratorium by Robert Schumann | Dir.: Gregor Seyffert and Gottfried Helnwein Sleeping beauty by Peter I. Tschaikowski | Ch. : Jan Linkens The little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery | Dir.: Gregor Seyffert