Jury member of Benois de la Danse

Emil Weselowski is a dancer and choreographer. He is the director of the National Theatre ballet company.

Emil Weselowski finished the ballet school in Poznan and joined the Poznan Opera House ballet company. In 1973 he produced an opera together with Conrad Drzewiecki and became a leading dancer at his Polish Theatre of Dance.
At this theatre he danced in the productions by Drzewiecki. He was the first to dance Jason in the ballet “Medea” by Teresa Kujawa. He danced as the member of this company in many European countries. Emil Weselowski taught at Poznan ballet school. He was invited to other theatres as a choreographer.

In 1979 Emil Weselowski headed the Wroclaw Big Theatre ballet company, and then in 1982-1985 he headed the Warsaw Big Theatre ballet company. Later he quitted this position to work at drama theatres and opera houses. Emil worked with many outstanding producers gaining the priceless experience.

Emil Weselowski▓s most significant productions are “Ouattro movimenti” (misic by B. Schaeffer, Wroclaw Opera House, 1980); “Ballada” (music by F. Chopin, VII-th Lodz ballet meetings, 1983); “Tritons” (music by Z. Rudzinski, Warsaw Big Theatre, 1989.); “Games“ (music by C. Debussy, Warsaw Big Theatre. Later this production was included into the repertoire of Lodz Big Theatre, Polish Theatre of Dance and Wrozlaw Opera House); „Mozartiana” (music by P. Chaikovskiy, Polish Theatre of Dance, 1990); “Dies irae” (music by R. Maciejewski, Warsaw Big Theatre, 1992); “Legend about Josef” (music by R. Strauss, Lodz Big Theatre, 1991, and Warsaw Big Theatre, 1993); “The Rite of Spring” (music by I. Straviskiy, Warsaw Big Theatre, 1993) and “Romeo and Juliet” (music by S. Prokofiev, the National Theatre in Warsaw, 1996.)

E. Weselowski was appointed the main choreographer in 1992, and in 1995 the director of the Warsaw Big Theatre ballet company, now the National Theatre. He teaches at the State High Theatre School.