Jury member of Benois de la Danse

Victor Ullate was born in Zaragoza (Spain). He started his professional career in Ballet of the XXth Century under the direction of Maurice Bejard with whom he remained for fourteen years.

His most importants roles were: Phara, Ofrenda Coreografica, Bhakti, El Pejaro de Fuego, Consagracion de la Primavera, Romeo y Julietta, Cantana 51, Nijinski Clown de Dieu, Ni Flores Ni Coronas, Nomos Alpha. Then in 1978 he obtained his greatest success when Bejart, who considers Victor Ullate “as one of his most accomplished dancers”, created for him Gaitee Parisienne based on his autobiography.

In 1979 Victor Ullate was called upon by the Spanish Government to create a classical ballet company (the country's first). He directed the company for four years.

In 1983 he established the school that was named Centro de Danza Victor Ullate. There he reveals his great pedagogic talent. This experience led to the opening of the company Ballet Victor Ullate in 1988.

In 1989 Victor Ullate obtained the National Prize of Dance and in 1996 he obtained the Gold Medaille of Bellas Artes.

He staged his ballets in Bilbao, Madrid, Sevilla, Oviedo, Amsterdam, Biarritz, New York.