Jury member of Benois de la Danse

Chinese distinguished choreography, educator, theorist, senior professor of Beijing Dance Academy, postgraduate tutor, executive vice president of Ballet Committee of Chinese Dancing Association, and national important contribution expert of the state council. On behalf of Chinese side, he has been selected as international ballet and modern dance competition judge for 43 times and he has also been invited for nationaldancing competition for 20 times. During 1987 to 1988, as senior visiting scholar, he has furthered his studies in Bolshoi theatre, learning from international famous Ballet Master Yury Grigorovich.

The main creations are: the grand dance poem Chinese Poem, Rainbow’s Still, modern Ballet Heard the Gone Love Ever Be Back, The Stone in the Sun, The Fantasia of Red Mansions, The Capriccios of the Broken Bridge, Chinese classic dance the Sky Horse’s Neighing and more completing 20 dance performances, being the only choreographer in China to choreograph grand Ballet, Chinese classic dance and modern Ballet.

Within the past ten years, he was personally involved in nine dance performances choreography and got awards from the international ballet and international contemporary competitions five grand prix and four gold medals. The main projects are: the Theory and Technique of Contemporary Dance, the Appreciation and Analysis of Ballet Works, Inside Ballet World, the Dream of Ballet, the Appreciation of Ballet Art, the Popular Social Dance of International and etc. His translation works: the History Life Dance, Pas de Deux of Classic Ballet, 100class to Classic Ballet and so on. And he published for more than 100 thesis and commentary articles in magazines national wide.

He also launchedthe Method of Symphonic Choreography and the Theory and Technique of Contemporary Dance twodance choreography educational systems.He not only contributed additional choreographyknowledge for China, but also massively influenced the growth of China’s dance productions. He nurtured many dancers and choreographers who have won various gold and silver medals internationally and nationally. He was honored national educational achievements 1st for his contributions in education of ballet and choreography.