Jury member of Benois de la Danse

Under the tutelage of Gloria Casda at the Tcatro Colon in Argentina, Raquel Rossetti joined Casda's company.

In 1980 she danced as a soloist at the opera in Ginebra, taking part in the ballets choreographed by Oscar Araiz. The following year Rossetti returned to Teatro Colon as a ballerina.

In 1985 she joined Julio Bocca to perform at the Fifth International Ballet Competition in Moscow and won the award as best female partner. This honor earned her the title of a “primaballerina” in her homeland Argentina.

Between 1985 and 1989 Rossetti received invitations to the Paris Chatelet Theatre, Tokyo, the 10th International Festival in Havana, and also to Montreal. Her solo performances have taken her to European cities such as Milan, Rome, Athens, Madrid, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Lithuania and to cities in the United States. Her repertoire includes classical as well as modern pieces.

At the invitation of Argentine television, Rossetti participated in a series on culture and dance in which she acted, danced and choreographed. Rossetti has also performed as an actress on stage. She has won numerous awards throughout her esteemed career, including the “Honorary Torch of the United Nations” and awards from Japan, Spain and Argentina.

In 1993 Rossetti returned to Teatro Colon as assistant guest choreographer, assistnt to the ballet director (1994), and finally as ballet director (1995-1997)/ In 1998 Rossetti was named director of the La Plata Theater in Argentina.