Jury member of Benois de la Danse

Marika Besobrasova was born in Russia, but left in early childhood leaving for Denmark and then for France, Nice, where she got her education. Her stage career was formed in Monte Carlo Ballet Company headed by Mikhail Fokin, but having set up and being the head of “Cannes Ballet” Company she completely devoted herself to pedagogical activity that has always been her dream.

Later M. Besobrasova moved to Monte Carlo and in 1952 set up her own school: “Monte Carlo Classic Dance School”. Its training background is based on Russian methods but the School programme suggests universal professional education.

Since summer 1975 Marika Besobrasova's School has been located in wonderful premises of “Princess Grace's Academy of Classic Dance“, where students from different countries can take advantage of both high class education and exclusive conditions of work and life.

MARIKA BESOBRASOVA: “Beauty of soul mysteriously reflected in the beauty of body“. This idea is the basis of teaching which I try to follow and take in into account in searching for a real talent. Only a person with rich inner world can become a great artist. A body is an instrument of a dancer. A musician, if he is not satisfied with the sound of his instrument, can always buy a Stradivari, a dancer cannot get another body. He must leam to control it. It is necessary to have simultaneously a sense of discipline, persistence and iron will, along with wide range of vision. However, the combination of all these necessary qualities will remain only a scheme without that indefinite „aura” which cannot be obtained and is called a talent. It is the finest sense of motion reflecting emotional experiences exciting and shaking the audience. A young dancer with the help of his tutor must discover in himself something. „I don't know what” which is mysteriously hidden deep in his soul: he must identify it, subdue it and carry it till realizatin of unique wonder once atnight — “PERFORMANCE”.